Full Screen Mario

It is an unofficial and free HTML5 remake of Nintendo's original Super Mario Bros. The game also uses the same music that the classic original game and it is easy to use through the web browser (All browsers are supported) without having to install anything. You can play the original levels, play through some of literally millions of possible random maps. Join the game any time you wished to. Use W, A, S, D keys or arrows [↑ → ↓ ←] to move Mario, to jump higher hold the button. Use Shift/CTRL to Fire/Sprint. P : Pause, M : Mute.
The objective of the game is to progress through levels by defeating enemies, collecting items and solving puzzles without dying. There are coins scattered throughout the game which need to be collected. There are also special bricks with question marks that reveal more coins and other special items once hit. It’s a must to hit other bricks if there’s enough time as they might contain rare items or coins. You must fight your way through a number of obstacles to face Bowser and rescue the princess.

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