Might & Magic Armies

Might & Magic Armies is a multiplayer game where you will be playing against players from all around the world. Lead the mightiest army and crush other players! Summon Epic heroes, use their unique skill, and recruit thousands of soldiers and use the terrain strategically! Lead ferocious creatures from the Might & Magic universe and crush the armies of other players with tactics or brute force!
Your goal will be to control heroes and collect as many soldiers as possible while walking around. Be sure to take care about other players with stronger armies. If you get too close your armies will start fighting. Once you lose your last fighter, the game will end. If you start loosing, it’s better to just run away. The goal of the game is to have the largest army on the server. In the menu, you will he able to change your formation or your hero.

Controls :
  • Press WASD or arrow keys or hold the left mouse button to move the army.
  • Use the space to boost the speed.

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