Tunnel Rush 2

Tunnel Rush 2 is a skill game in which you ride fast through colorful 3D tunnels and encounter an exhilarating kaleidoscope of hazards and treasures! Rotate the screen clockwise or anti-clockwise to move your ship and break through the obstacle that matches your ship's current color, otherwise your ship will crash. Collect as many diamonds as possible to upgrade your ship. The obstacles will become harder to pass with each level passed, so keep your focus on the screen and your fingers on the buttons!

Do you ever feel like you’re suffocated in reality? You can only see a small section of it at a time. You feel like you want to see more, but you don’t know how to get to where you want to be. That’s how we feel about the world most of the time, yet most of us do our best to make the most of it. We go to work, we see friends, we hang out with family. We try to capture as much of it as possible. Some people take hikes, some people read books. The only difference between these two scenarios is where you see the.
Can you finish Tunnel Rush 2 and unlock every upgrade? Take a deep breath and get started now!

Instruction :
  • (Desktop) A/D or Left/Right arrow keys : Move
  • (Mobile) Move - Tap and hold the left or right side of the screen

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